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Argyle Red Diamonds : Fiery, Mesmerizing, Memorable

Red Diamonds are the rarest and most valuable of all colored diamonds.They are typically small, with the largest stone weighing only 5.11 carats, yet never fail to inspire awe because of their dramatic mesmerizing beauty. Red Diamonds symbolize fiery love and earthly passions and are believed to inspire the rare and intense magical moments that endure for a lifetime.

Red diamonds are known to be the rarest and most prized acquisition for any connoisseur or collector of coloured diamonds. The scarcity of such stones have led red diamonds to be sold for far greater than 7 figures at prominent international auctions.

Such stones are inscribed and certified by the Argyle mine of Australia and the Gemological Institute of America. These red diamonds are possible one of the greatest concentrated forms of portable wealth in the world

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